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Legal Services
Area of Services

Litigation and Dispute Settlement
- Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration
- Court proceedings before civil and criminal courts
- State Administrative Disputes
- Antitrust/Anti-monopoly or Competition law
- Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment (Moratorium)
- Disputes on Public Election and Election of Regional Head
- Industrial Relations Disputes
- Intellectual Property Rights Disputes
- Examination of Judicial review
- Consumer Protection
- Environmental Disputes

Company Law and Commercial/Trade and Infrastructure
- Mineral and Coal Mining, Oil and Gas
- Energy and Electricity
- Telecommunication
- Broadcasting
- Transportation

Family Law

Environmental Law

Intellectual Property Rights
- Trademark and Copyrights
- Industrial Design and Patent


Types of Relationship for Legal Services

IsH can provide legal services in a form of non-litigation legal services (commercial and corporate) or litigation legal services (disputes settlement). Non-litigation legal services comprise, among others, providing legal advice and legal opinion, preparing draft of legal documents, reviewing agreements, contracts and/or standard forms, including but not limited to preparing amendment documents related to the agreement and/or contract, conducting researches/investigations on legal facts.

Type of relationship for non-litigation legal services can be done by way of or system:
(i) retainer, where IsH and client will make and sign a retainer agreement for a definite/specific period of time, in which IsH will provide non-litigation legal services to the client upon pre-determined maximum hours for each month, and the client will pay fees for legal services in the agreed amount for each month;
(ii) hourly basis, where IsH will provide legal services by calculating the real working hours spent in completing the work; or
(iii) lump sum basis, where IsH will charge legal services fees for each project as agreed and taking into account the complexity and types of transaction to be assisted.

Type of relationship for litigation legal services can be done by way of or system: (i) hourly basis or (ii) lump sum basis.